Skull and crossbones

Welcome to Conner 4

Welcome to Conner Four, one of nine floors in MIT’s Burton-Conner House and home of the Conner Four Pirates. We are proud to maintain a diverse and supportive culture centered around individual expression, free food, and, if the fancy strikes us, a tour of pillaging and plundering upon the high seas. Whether your interests lie in Bollywood films or functional programming, whether “social activity” means intramural soccer or intramural Starcraft, and whether your favorite television series is The Office or Dexter, you’re virtually guaranteed to find someone on Conner Four with whom you see eye to eye.


Class of 2012

Neta Batscha Neta Batscha
Course VII

Jessica Lin Jessica Lin jesslin
Course VI

Stephanie Lin Stephanie Lin slin
Course VII

Leanna Morinishi Leanna Morinishi leanna
Course XX
Floor chair

Pallavi Powale Pallavi Powale ppowale
Course VI

Kelly Ran Kelly Ran naryllek
Course VI

Class of 2013

Benjamin Barenblat Benjamin Barenblat bbaren
Course VI
Social chair
Computing chair

Adwoa Boakye Adwoa Boakye aboakye
Course XVIII

Tayo Falase Tayo Falase tfalase
Course VI

C.J. Enloe C.J. Enloe cjenloe
Course XIV

Yassine Ezzyat Yassine Ezzyat yezzyat
Treasurer Filing cabinet

Yangzhou Hu Yangzhou Hu yangzhou
Course XVIII

Meghan Kenny Meghan Kenny meghank
Course X

Lauren Kirwin Lauren Kirwin lkirwin
Course VII
Social chair

Kayla Meduna Kayla Meduna kmeduna
Course VI

Jill Oliveira Jill Oliveira jilliano
Course II

Nate Porter Nate Porter nporter
Course II

Tenzin Rabga Tenzin Rabga rabga
Course VIII

Daniel Ron Daniel Ron dron
Course XVIII
Vice chair Ottoman

Wenting Zheng Wenting Zheng wzheng
Course VI

Class of 2014

Jacob Cole Jacob Cole jcole
Course VI

Ben Horkley Ben Horkley horkley
Course VI

Ian Martin Ian Martin ianm92
Course II

Anubhav Sinha Anubhav Sinha anusinha
Course VI

Class of 2015

Matt Hunter Matt Hunter mjhunter

Raluca Ifrim Raluca Ifrim rifrim

Shruti Sharma Shruti Sharma ss810

Emily TenCate Emily TenCate tencate

Christina Tringides Christina Tringides cmtringi

Ari Vogel Ari Vogel avogel

Rui Wang Rui Wang ruiwang

Graduate resident tutor

Kevin, Susan, and Felicity Gotrik

Kevin Gotrik kwgotrik
Course III (PhD candidate)

Susan Gotrik svgotrik

Felicity Gotrik


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