You might notice that the incredibly big page that was here is no longer here. I'm thinking about revising my page and so I moved the old page elsewhere. If you really want to know where it is, let me know.

If you really want to know something about me, other than what's on my resume or where I live, then just ask. I'm usually online.

Among the many things I do, I help run MIT Blood Drives. Check out when the next drive is happening and come help save lives! I've also recently become trained as a CPR instructor, and plan to start teaching CPR and First Aid classes through ARCTAN this fall.

I'm teaching some SIPB IAP classes. If you're interested in Perl programming, you might want to look at the slides from that class.

I'm currently looking for a new job.

PGP public key fingerprint: B6 45 2F 70 B9 B0 B7 96 FE BB 47 89 B5 A3 AB 8D

Poetry 180 has a poem a day for the school year. Very nice.

12 Jan 2003