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Conner 3

(Most of) Conner 3 at Burton Conner boat cruise 2013

Hello from Conner 3! We are the third floor on the Conner side of Burton Conner at MIT. We are...

-Halo players
-indie musicians
-Gilmore Girls fans
-bad movie watchers
-your new best friends
-baking extraordinaires
-lovers of all things sports
-inappropriate and ridiculous
-the floor where the guys who inspired 21 started out playing blackjack
And so much more...

410 Memorial Dr.
Cambridge, MA 02139

Floor government:
Floor Chairs: Matthew Tancik, Franny Lenahan
Treasurer: Michelle Victora
IM Chair: Jai Venkat
Webmaster+Alum Relations:
GRTs: Andrej Lenert and Jenna Wiens