Boston Vegetarian Food Festival

Speaker and Food Demonstrator Schedule

TimeName and Title
11 a.m.Bob LeRoy - "Basics of Vegetarian Nutrition"
Learn how plant foods provide calcium, protein, and all the essentials, without the disease risks linked to animal foods.
12 p.m. Robert Cohen - "Dispelling the Myth of Milk as Nature's Perfect Food"
Cow's milk is perfect for baby cows, but what is it doing to human health?
1 p.m. Howard Lyman - "MAD COWBOY - Plain Truth from the Cattle Rancher Who Won't Eat Meat"
Take an unblinking look at the meat industry from an insider's point of view.
2 p.m. Ken Bergeron - "Olympic Gold Medal Cooking Demo"
Experience a sampling of imaginative recipes from Ken's just-released book, Professional Vegetarian Cooking.
3 p.m. Bob LeRoy - "Fabulous Phytochemicals"
Reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease, other illnesses through the antioxidants & phytochemicals found in whole natural plant foods.
4 p.m. Didi Emmons - "A Medley of Chilies"
Learn about creative use of chilies, intelligent and simple use of spices, dry legumes vs. canned beans, and more.
5 p.m. Howard Lyman - "Don't Dig a Grave with Your Fork: What the Meat Industry Won't Tell Us"

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