Margery Resnick

Extension: x3-5277
Office: 14N-333
Department: Foreign Languages & Literature

Margery Resnick's teaching, research and academic commitments reflect her dual interests in Hispanic Culture and in Women's Studies. After completing her Ph.D. in Romance Languages and Literatures at Harvard, she served as an assistant professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies in Spanish at Yale University. In 1977, she came to MIT as Director of Modern Languages and started MIT's program in Spanish literature and culture. She formed part of a core faculty that initiated Women's Studies at MIT in 1980. Prof. Resnick was Housemaster of McCormick Hall for eight years and has served as chair of the President's Advisory Committee on Women's Students' Interests. Since 1990 she has chaired the Margaret MacVicar/AMITA MIT Women's Oral History Project. She has taught courses in MIT's Professional Program for executives on management strategies for the multicultural workplace which enable organizations to respond effectively to the demographic and social changes that have occurred in the American workforce.

Margery Resnick has lived and worked in both Spain and Mexico. She is on the Executive Committee of the International Institute in Spain--a foundation established by American feminists over one hundred years ago to enhance the education of Spanish women. There she chairs a yearly symposium that brings together Spanish and American women to discuss a variety of contemporary themes. She is also on the Board of Governors of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives. Her scholarship includes work on Spanish writers exiled from Franco's Spain, international women writers and contemporary Spanish literature.