Elizabeth A. Wood

Extension: x3-3255
Office: E51-282
Department: History

Elizabeth Wood is the author of Performing Justice: Agitation Trials in Early Soviet Russia (Cornell University Press, 2005) and From Baba to Comrade: Gender and Politics in Revolutionary Russia (Indiana University Press, 1997). She received her Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in 1991 in the field of Soviet History. She has also published articles on prostitution, trade union organizing of women, and revolutionary theater trials. She is currently working on what she is calling "The Performance of Power" under Putin in Russia today.

Her subjects include: 21H.467J/17.601J "Soviet Politics and Society"; 21H.326 "The Making of Russia in the Worlds of Byzantium, Mongolia, and Europe, 850-1800"; 21H.466 "Imperial and Revolutionary Russia, 1800-1917"; 17.118J/SP.412J "Feminist Political Theory"; 21H.931 "Seminar in Historical Methods"; and 21H.907 "Trials in History."

She is coordinator of Russian Studies and a former Director of Women's Studies. She welcomes questions and discussion in any area of Russian Studies, historical studies, Women's Studies, and the history of trials.