MIT Bahá'í Alumni Association

To facilitate activities of the Bahá'ís at MIT, the MIT Bahá'í Alumni  Association (MITBAA) is forming as an officially recognized group.  Please contact Ramin Abrishamian <> or Amechi Nwachuku <> to join this group, which will be acting quickly to help accomplish several objectives:
  • re-opening of the Bahá'í  Institute of Higher Education (BIHE) in Iran.
  • to present an award at MIT Graduation, June 1999, to an individual who overcame enormous obstacles in the pursuit of higher education, in honor of one of the Bahá'í educators arrested in October 1998 in Iran.
  • to inspire at least 36 other universities around the world to organize Bahá'í alumni and present similar awards. (at least one for each educator arrested).
  • to support current Bahá'í students at MIT.
  • to encourage Bahá'í youth to attend MIT.
  • to support, facilitate and highlight activities at MIT that encourage tolerance, compassion, service to humanity, independent investigation of truth, equality of men and women, and harmony of science and religion.

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