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The MIT Bahá'í Association is urgently concerned about the recent closing of the Bahá'í Open University in Iran, known in the West as the Bahá'í Institute of Higher Education (BIHE).  The MIT Bahá'í Association (MITBA) and the MIT Bahá'í Alumni Association (MITBAA) is engaged in several activities and processes in response to the closing of the BIHE, please get involved!

For a comprehensive overview of the Bahá'í Faith, visit The Bahá'ís - A Profile of the Bahá'í Faith and Its Worldwide Community. This site includes about 60 web pages with lots of pictures. Before visiting the site, you may want to save a bookmark or hotlist item now, so that you can return to this MIT Bahá'í Association home page. The Bahá'í World Web Site represents the official presence of the Bahá'í Faith on the World Wide Web.

For even more information, including Bahá'í events in the greater Boston area, home pages of Bahá'ís around the world, other Bahá'í sites, and links to the Bahá'í Writings, click here for MITBA's LINKS

Recent and upcoming Bahá'í Association Events/Activities:

The MIT Bahá'í Association began in about 1968, (if you know of an earlier date, please let us know!). Over the years we have accumulated an interesting collection of information constituting a "Library". 
You can explore these files, we don't mind. 

Current MIT Bahá'í Association members, (click on the address to e-mail), some of whom have web pages you may visit (click on the person's name for the page link):

  • Nader Anvari <anvari@kodak.com>
  • Brian Aull <aull@ll.mit.edu>
  • Bill Baker <bbbaker@mit.edu>
  • Rava da Silveira <rava@mit.edu> (Treasurer)
  • Hamed Eshraghian <heshraghian@netcoresys.com>
  • Diana Garcia-Martinez <dvgarcia@mit.edu> (Advisor)
  • Jeffrey Gruber <jsgruber@alum.mit.edu>
  • Sepehr Kiani <skiani@mit.edu>
  • Casey Mathison <caseym@mit.edu>
  • Pejmun Motaghedi <pman@alum.mit.edu>
  • Amechi Nwachuku <amechi@alum.mit.edu>
  • Charles Njendu <njendu@alum.mit.edu>
  • Shahin Pourrahimi <pourrahimi@psfc.mit.edu>
  • Simonetta Rodriguez <simonett@mit.edu> (President)
  • Leili Towfigh <leili@justice.medford.ma.us
  • To send mail to all MITBA members, use this mailing list alias: mitbahai@mit.edu

    The mailing lists we manage for the Boston-area Bahá'í college clubs, as well as the master list, which includes almost all of the Bahá'ís involved with Boston-area colleges in some way: To subscribe to any of these lists, send a note to: bahai-request@mit.edu
    Note: The list masters will report spam to the authorities and to your ISP, please do not abuse these lists with spam.

    If you have not done so before, be sure to visit the MIT home page, and MIT's Religious Groups page.

    To obtain more information, or to comment about this site, send mail to bahai-request@mit.edu.
    If you are an MIT Alumni and a Bahá'í, please check out our MITBA Alumni Page, and contact us to be included.