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  • Retail club web site launched!
  • Kickoff meeting held 11/2/04
Who We Are

The MIT Sloan Retail Club is a group of students dedicated to exploring and innovating in the broad retail industry. Our mission is to learn about and gain practical experience in specific subcategories of retail. These subcategories change over the years, but our core focus on innovation remains constant.

Across these categories, we seek to understand employment and new venture opportunities in functional areas which span all aspects of the product lifecycle.

We will serve as change agents to the retail industry by sensitizing the industry to the benefits that MIT and MIT Sloan students can offer. We will build upon our network and diverse experiences and interests.

How To Join

Dues are $30 for a 2-year membership and $15 for a 1-year membership. Available to the MIT community. Place a check made out to "MIT Sloan Retail Club" in the Retail Club folder in the lobby of E52, across from the elevators.

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