MIT Tiddlywinks Association

This is the homepage of the MIT Tiddlywinks Association, an ASA-sponsored organization.

Mailing list: tiddlywinks AT mit DOT edu

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A regular meeting time has not yet been decided upon for Fall 2007. To sign up for our mailing list and find out when and where the club meets, send an e-mail to tiddlywinks AT mit DOT edu.

What is Tiddlywinks?

Tiddlywinks is a fascinating and intricate game of strategy and skill. Two teams of two players each take turns shooting small plastic disks ("winks") by pressing them down against a felt mat with a larger plastic disk (a "squidger") to build up force. The ultimate objective is to shoot all of one's winks into a small cup in the center of the mat. However, players on one team can hinder players on the other team by shooting their winks on top of those of their opponents, thereby rendering those winks immobile. This balance between shooting winks into the cup ("potting") and covering other winks ("squopping") is what gives the game its strategic element.

A simplified version of the rules can be found here and a complete version can be found here.

What is MITTwA?

The MIT Tiddlywinks Association was founded in the fall of 2006 by Yan Wang '09 and Greg Durrett '10, both alumni of Ithaca High School. Its mission is to spread the word about the game of tiddlywinks while providing a venue for friendly competition and informal, instruction-oriented play.


MITTwA sponsors periodic tournaments that are attended by active, world-ranked players of the game, including some MIT alumni. Last year, MITTwA hosted a tournament in late January during IAP and a tournament in mid-March. These tournaments provide an opportunity to meet people, get advice from the pros, and, of course, have fun!


Read more about the game of tiddlywinks at the official websites of the North American Tiddlywinks Association and the English Tiddlywinks Association.