Financial Architecture Conversion Project

An IS Project in the Delivery/Support space.  This is Project 41 in the SAP Release 3 list of projects.
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Status: Project is Complete, as of 7/18/1999.

The email used to summarize the project to its sponsors and SAP-Plan is posted here
The hard cut-over date for breaking the one-to-one mapping is ratified as 9/1/1999.


Larry Connelly (CAO), Bob Ferrara (IS), Bil Huxley (CAO), Bob Murray (MR), David Rosenberg (MR), Rob Smyser (IS), Scott Thorne (IS), Mary Ann Donofrio (CAO), Patrick Fitzgerald (OSP)
The whole team:
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The inaugural and standing agenda for the project includes these tasks.  Project tasks are accomplished in the context of one of these agenda items.

0. Of what exactly does the "SAP Financial Architecture" consist?
1. Monitor "stack" feeds conversions, including payroll
2. Departmental (and Internal Provider) Outreach
3. Provide help for new data extracts from the MIT Data Warehouse
4. Ensure SAP feeds conform to the new financial architecture
5. Communications to MIT community (e.g. Tech Talk)

Recent Updates

Benchmarks and Milestones in each Task Area of the Standing Agenda

Latest status for each of these agenda items taken from latest meeting notes. (July 1999)

0. Progress on finalizing new architecture.
Wayne Turner passed out a highly informative two page summary of the conversion architecture status. These are highlights of Wayne's summary. The whole job is not yet finished.

  1. Translation tables. There are a number of internal SAP tables and function modules which reference the old architecture. Wayne outlined four action items for the FSS development team to complete to remove all the old vestiges.
  2. The new 001 Process (for notification of cost object changes) needs to be implemented as planned on August 2nd.
  3. The validation rules need to be converted to 7/6 as in table ZFICOLINK. Gill Emmons will lead the
    effort to move this into production in the next few weeks.
  4. Some older embedded logic in the cost object MIT-custom front end must be removed.
  5. After BEERS and the Cashiers feeds are discontinued by mid-August, only a handful of 5/3 feeds remain, as noted in item 4 below.
  6. It is important that the community be notified per the recommendation above. Also, the strategies for cost object ranges must also be communicated.

1. Monitor "stack" feeds conversions, including payroll.
The "stack" has been retired. This is a true milestone. The June closing marked the final run with the last four stack feeds - the 2 payrolls, plant, and the telecomm JV feed. Fred Crowley reported that Payroll has been completely converted 7/6 notation and that it was a considerably larger project than it first appeared. Payroll was far and away the toughest challenge, congratulations to the crew that pulled this off

2. Departmental (and Internal Provider) Outreach.

A. Letter to Departments and AOs.
This was sent out in March, and then followed up School and Area Coordinators departmental visits.

B. Faculty Web Pages.
It was felt the Faculty Newsletter was not the proper venue for a detailed administrative message. However, there is a link from the new web site designed for faculty members at Bob Murray wrote a summary on the 7/6 conversion process.

C. SAP@MIT newsletter.
With the new FSS reorganization, there has not been an edition for some time. Also, reponsibility for the newsletter has transferred from Linda Lancaster to John Hynes. Bob Murray is on the editorial board, and will work to include the 7/6 conversion as a topic in the next issue.

D. Central Offices.
There was discussion on how long the central offices, such as the Travel Office and Procurement should continue to accept 5 digit accounts on paper (e.g. Requests for Payment). Currently, the account numbers/object codes are being converted. Larry will talk to the Travel and Procurement Offices on how to proceed after June 30th.

3. Provide help for new data extracts from the MIT Data Warehouse.
To date all requests are being worked or have been met.

4. Ensure SAP feeds conform to the new financial architecture.
Rob Smyser produced a helpful new sort on these feeds. Several edits were noted. Only the (paper originated) partner feeds are an issue. David Rosenberg noted that these can be readily modified to accept only 7/6 and no longer convert from 5/3, but instead issue an error message.  See these tables for details:

5. Update Web Pages and Project Plan.
Rob Smyser will post updates mentioned here to the Finconv web pages at
The project is considered finished and the web pages will reflect this.

6. Historical Data Conversion.
This topic is not urgent, but Larry and Bob will bring it up at a future FSS-plan session, so a formal project can begin.


Notes from Recent Meetings

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