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Course Overview 

Theory and design of systems for treating municipal wastewater. Methods for characterizing wastewater properties. Physical, chemical, and biological processes, including primary treatment, and suspended growth and fixed-film methods for secondary treatment. Nutrient removal. Reactor design and process kinetics. State-of-the-art processes. Sludge processing and disposal. Field trip to local wastewater treatment plant. 3 Engineering Design Points.

Prereq.: 1.060 or 1.80
Units: 3-0-9 
Lecture: TR8:30-10:30 (48-316) + final 
Textbook: Metcalf & Eddy, Wastewater Engineering, Third Edition

Instructor: Albert B. Pincince
Camp Dresser & McKee
Ten Cambridge Center
252-8603 (

Teaching Assistant: Chi-Jen Yang (