Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Department of Mechanical Engineering

Fall Term 2004

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Maple Syrep



Derek Rowell
Room 3-142
x 3-6206


Satoshi Takahashi
Room: 5-026
Office hours: To be announced

Location: Room 4-159
Time: MW 9:30am - 11:00am

Graduate H Level
Satisfies MSME distribution requirement in System Dynamics and Control

Review Sessions: Fridays, 9 - 10:30am, Room 2-147

2.151 is the "gateway" course into the Mechanical Engineering Department's graduate controls subjects. It is designed to introduce students to modeling techniques for lumped-parameter models of physical systems, state-space descriptions and system properties, and modern control theory. It is expected that students will have a basic understanding of classical control theory.

Topics covered:
1) Introduction to state-determined systems: State-space system descriptions. Time and frequency domain system representation.
2) Lumped parameter modeling: Analytical and graphical methods for system representation and equation generation in translational, rotational, electric, fluidic, and thermal systems. Energy transduction.
3) Linear system response and properties: Transfer function matrix. State transformations. Eigenvalues, matrix exponential, transmission zeros, forced and homogeneous system response. Controllability and observability. Stability (asymptotic and Lyapunov).
4) Modern Control Theory: State feedback and its implications. Eigenvalue placement. Performance indices. Linear quadratic (LQ) control. State estimation and observers.


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