SP.237: The Artist in the World

Instructor: Graham Ramsay, Bldg 24-604, xt. 8-0481

Spring 2007: Class #1, February 8, 2007


CLASS #1: Points for discussion


As a way of getting us all to begin to think about how we might approach discussion in this class, please take 20 minutes or so to answer the following questions.   Most of these questions are quite subjective.   You do not need to have exhaustive or definitive answers for any of the questions, but try to use these questions as a starting point, a way of reflecting on how you have been thinking about art and what you hope to learn in this seminar.


1. Briefly define art to the best of your abilities.


2. Name as many arts disciplines as you can.


3. Do you have a favorite arts medium?   List the top several of your favorites in order of preference.


4. Do you practice a particular art form or art forms?   List them.


5. Are there arts that you know very little or nothing about?   If so, list them.


6. Is there good art?   Is there bad art?   If so, how would you define each?


7. In your own mind, do you make a distinction between “good” art and “good” taste?


8. What role do you think the artist plays in society?


9. What role do you think audience plays in the production of art?


10. Who pays for art?   In your mind, where should the money come from that produces art?