Debian-Athena is now Debathena

The old “Making your Ubuntu or Debian box Athena-ish” web page is unmaintained. SIPB’s recommendation for people wishing to access Athena services on their Debian or Ubuntu computer is the Debathena project, which has been in production for personal computers since Fall 2007 and is in beta testing for Athena clusters as of Spring 2009.

Debathena allows you to run as little or as much of Athena services as you want. The configuration recommended by the “Athena-ish” page is equivalent to installing just the debathena-standard metapackage, which enables access to Athena services (Moira, AFS and lockers, etc.) on your local account.

Other installation options exist, including using Athena accounts / logins (debathena-workstation) or installing just the client configuration without enabling locker support (debathena-clients).

Debathena is a collaboration between SIPB and IS&T and is supported by Athena Consulting and SIPB. The old “Athena-ish” instructions are unsupported by SIPB or IS&T and are retained mainly for historical interest.