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Where to Go For More Information

UNIX manual pages, commonly known as manpages, are an on-line copy of the documentation from the UNIX Reference Manual and other documents. They give out information on UNIX commands and most other software (including all Athena and SIPB programs), UNIX system calls, standard library functions and file formats. Manpages are an extremely useful source of information. To access a manpage about a command, type man commandname. If you are looking for a command that does something specific you need, use the apropos command.

On-Line Consultants are provided by Athena to answer users' questions. To contact an on-line consultant, type olc.

OLC stock answers are a collection of consultants' answers to frequently asked questions. It can be reached by typing olc answers.

Online Help is an interactive help program. Enter olh & to start.

The Athena documents AFS on Athena and NFS2AFS Fact Sheet give additional information on AFS.

The commands fs, pts and vos have built-in help. To list the options, type command help; to get help on a particular option, use command option(s) -help.

The SIPB office in W20-557 has free copies of all SIPB documents, including this document and An Inessential Guide to Athena. We also answer user questions.