Useful Lockers

The following is a partial list of useful lockers. To access them, type add filesystem. Many of them have a file named README in their top-level directory, which will have more information about the filesystem, its layout, and whom to contact for more information. What Runs Where page% latex2html id marker 1503
\setcounter{footnote}{7}\fnsymbol{footnote} also lists approximately all of the useful software available for Athena.

gnu contains a wide array of software written and distributed by the http://www.gnu.orgFree Software Foundation,% latex2html id marker 1505
\setcounter{footnote}{8}\fnsymbol{footnote} such as gcc, a C/C++/Objective C compiler; gdb, a source-level debugger; gnuchess, a chess program; bison, a replacement for YACC. These programs are available in varying degrees for various platforms. Send any problems or questions to

consult contains software written and/or maintained by Athena's On Line Consultants. The consult locker contains programs for the current Athena platforms. Read /mit/consult/README for instructions to use or learn about software contained in consult. Send any problems or questions to

games is a random collection of games and puzzles. Currently, the games locker supports games for Linux, Solaris, and SGI platforms to varying degrees, in addition to games to be run within Emacs. The locker also contains source code for most of the games that are installed. Look at the /mit/games/POLICY file in the games locker for rules about submissions. Send any problems or questions to

info contains up-to-date information about the status of Athena software and hardware, such as Athena policies. Comments should be sent to

watchmaker is maintained by the so-called ``watchmakers,''% latex2html id marker 1507
\setcounter{footnote}{9}\fnsymbol{footnote} a group of student systems programmers at Athena. BEWARE! Most of the programs in the locker are esoteric and only useful to experienced systems hackers, but some of the programs are of general interest. Report any problems or bugs to

graphics The graphics locker contains various graphics-related programs useful for viewing and manipulating graphics. See the Graphics section of this guide for more information.

postscript is a collection of interesting and useful PostScript programs and utilities. See the discuss meeting on postscript_hacks for information about what is currently stored in the filesystem. PostScript is a page description language developed by Adobe Systems Inc. and is available on all of Athena's printers. Problems should be sent to

rfc contains all the current Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Requests For Comment (RFC's). These server are documents on ``standards''. It also has an index, /mit/rfc/rfc-index.txt, which you should definitely read, because the proposals are listed only by number.

dotfiles The dotfiles locker contains a number of extensively modified dotfiles. Many of these may be useful, and there are a number of neat hacks that you can play with; but be sure you know what you are doing before you hack your own dotfiles. Read the README file in /mit/dotfiles/README for an explanation of how the locker is set up.

Some other neat lockers are shakespeare, bible and weather. They're just about exactly what you think they are. Look around in them; ask your friends for their suggestions; see what you can find on your own.

Luke Faraone 2012-01-11