Aliasing in <i> rmail</i>

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Aliasing in rmail

Aliases can be used to give yourself a shorter or more appropriate name for someone you send mail to or to create a personal mailing list. Aliasing in rmail is accomplished by specifying the aliases in the file /.mailrc. Aliases are of the form: alias alias_name name1 [name2 [name3 .....]]. For each alias you should have a line in your .mailrc file that starts with `` alias,'' followed by the alias you are defining, set off by one or more spaces; the remainder of the line is a SPACE-separated list of actual email addresses to be bound to the alias being defined. Here is a sample .mailrc file:

alias quux root@deep-thought
alias foo
alias bar
alias baz arthur
alias frobble foo, bar, baz, eddie!seismo!fribble

Here, quux, foo, bar, and baz are aliased to the respective strings following them. Whenever any of these is used in the To:, Cc:, or Bcc: field of a letter sent from rmail, the appropriate string will be substituted when the mail is actually sent. When frobble is specified as the recipient of a message, the message will be sent to,, arthur, and eddie!seismo!fribble. Note: If you change your /.mailrc file, changes won't take effect until you exit and re-start EMACS and rmail.