Acknowledgments and other randomness

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An Inessential Guide to Athena

Fifth Edition

Acknowledgments and other randomness

The first edition of this document was produced and orchestrated by Jean Marie Diaz. Varying amounts of comments, criticism, text, and sympathy were provided by Simson L. Garfinkel, Henry Holtzman, John Kohl, Robert Krawitz, Henry Mensch, Ken Raeburn, Bill Sommerfeld, and Stan Zanarotti. Thanks, guys!

Second edition thanks to Rob French for RCSifying, tidying up, and generally letting Jean ignore this thing over IAP 1987, and to Ike Chuang, who valiantly volunteered to take over the Guide after Rob punted. (You haven't gotten away with anything, Ike, you'll get volunteered for it next time...).

The third edition encompassed revisions and additions reflecting Athena's migration from timesharing to single-user workstations. John Kohl coordinated the conversion and edited the third edition. Ken Raeburn and Bill Sommerfeld (and other anonymous SIPB members and friends) helped edit early drafts. Andre DeHon, Mark Eichin, Jon Kamens, John Kohl, and Carol Smith contributed new sections.

The fourth edition, involving only minor changes, was revised to take into account Project Athena's version 6.0C software release. Jon Kamens edited the fourth edition. Andrew Greene and Emanuel (``Jay'') Berkenbilt contributed new sections.

The fifth edition, which includes information relevant to Athena's version 6.3B software release and new sections on Xpix, AFS, and Andrew, was edited by Rob French (thus redeeming himself for punting on revision two). Many thanks to Jay Berkenbilt for writing the AFS section and revising some of the others, Seth Finkelstein and Barry Jaspan for writing the Xpix section, and Bill Cattey for writing the Andrew section.

UnixTM is a trademark of AT&T Bell Laboratories. They don't know that we're doing this, so don't tell them.

This document was created with GNU Emacs and , and printed on the SIPB Hewlett-Packard 4si MX, using the Times Roman font family (hacked to use Courier-Bold for typewriter text). The source for the document is on the sipb filesystem in the directory /mit/sipb/doc/guide.