Purpose and Conventions

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An Inessential Guide to Athena

Fifth Edition

Purpose and Conventions

We of the Student Information Processing Board (SIPB) have compiled this document to provide a catalog of the less-publicized commands and capabilities of the Athena system for people who have learned the basics of Unix. If you are a complete newcomer to the system, we suggest that you begin with the Athena documents Welcome to Athena, Managing Your Athena Account and Working on Athena (free). Some information contained in earlier versions of this Guide is now covered by More Unix: The C Shell. These documents are available at Graphic Arts in the basement of building 11 or the Student Center.

File names and ``meta-names'' throughout this document are indicated in italics.

Program names, commands to be typed to the shell, and text that is returned by a command are in typewriter text.

Commands for GNU Emacs and other interactive programs are in slanted text.

Document names are in boldface.

A C- prefix indicates Control character, respectively. For instance, C-x means that you hold down the Control key and hit the ``x'' key. A M- prefix indicates a Meta character, so for M-a you would hold down the ``Alt'' (or ``Compose Character'' on some keyboards) key and type ``a''.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us.