MH Alternatives: <i> mh-rmail</i>, <i> rmail</i>, and <i> pmail</i>

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An Inessential Guide to Athena

Fifth Edition

MH Alternatives: mh-rmail, rmail, and pmail

Currently, MIT Information Systems (IS) supports the MH mail handling system on Athena and TechMail * TM for Macintosh systems (and is testing a version for MicroSoft Windows systems insert legal garbage here) connected to MITNet. In addition to the standard MH and xmh interfaces, there are at least three other major mail reading systems available on Athena workstations: mh-rmail, rmail, and pmail. Both mh-rmail and rmail run directly inside of GNU Emacs, which is a distinct advantage in some ways - namely, you don't have to wait for an editor to start up if you wish to compose or edit mail. The third, pmail, is a version of the Berkeley Unix mail command that understands the Kerberos TM and POP systems used for mail here at MIT. It will be primarily of interest to people who are already experienced with Berkeley mail.


* TechMail-S will be going out of service as of March 31, 1999. MIT Information Systems wants to encourage TechMail users to migrate to Eudora because only limited sgupport is offered for TechMail.