Draft mode commands

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Draft mode commands

There are a large number of commands available in mh-letter-mode; most importantly, C-c C-c (already mentioned) sends the current draft.

C-c t, C-c c, C-c s, C-c b, and C-c f move the cursor to the end of the current To:, Cc:, Subject:, Bcc:, and Fcc: lines, respectively, in the draft. If a line with the appropriate header does not exist, it is inserted.

C-c C-y inserts a message from a folder into the draft. It is useful if you want to quote someone else's message.

C-c y is similar to C-c C-y, except that it doesn't prompt for the folder and letter to insert (it inserts the message that you are replying to).

C-c q deletes the draft, and returns you back to where you were.

C-c w lists the people receiving the the draft in another buffer (this runs the MH whom program to find out the recipients.