How do I customize Zephyr?

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How do I customize Zephyr?

Obviously, we've only been able to give you enough information to get you started. There are more options in znol, more commands in zctl, and more programs (like xznol and xzwrite) than can be covered in a few pages. If you're interested, look at the manual pages for each of these (with man xzwrite, for example).

Most Zephyr customization is done with the .zwgc.desc file, which zwgc uses to describe how the windowgrams, as they are often called, look on the screen. You can learn a lot by looking at the .zwgc.desc files of other users, as well as the standard file /usr/athena/lib/zephyr/zwgc.desc, which has explanatory comments.

Additionally, the SIPB typically gives a Zephyr Hacks minicourse during IAP. If you're interested, come by our office and let us know.