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exmh is available via FTP on ftp://ftp.scriptics.com/pub/tcl/exmh/exmh-2.0.2.tar.Z.

Section MH explains how to get MH.

Tcl and Tk are available in the ucb/tcl directory on ftp.cs.berkeley.edu.

Expect is available as pub/expect/expect.tar.Z from ftp.cme.nist.gov.

You can get Metamail for MIME support; see the Section Metamail.

Faces are available from cs.indiana.edu:/pub/faces. The individual databases are four compressed tar files:

facedir.tar.Z   Accumulated personal faces
facesaver.tar.Z USENIX FaceSaver faces
logos.tar.Z     Internet domain logos
news.tar.Z      Usenet news hierarchy icons (not intended for email)

To get PGP, send mail to pgp-bugs@mit.edu.

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