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MH & nmh: Email for Users & Programmers

1. Introduction
2. Key Parts of the UNIX Filesystem
3. Introduction to MIME
4. Setting Up
5.9.4 Sending MIME Mail
6.1.2 Messages You Haven't Read
6.2.1 Getting Test MIME Messages
6.2.10 Alternatives to mhn
6.4.1 scan Format Files
6.8 Batch-process New Mail: autoinc
7.1.1 Making the Draft from the Template File
7.3 MH Aliases
7.4 Header Fields and Addresses
7.5.2 Draft Folder
7.5.3 Deleted Draft Messages
7.6 Composing and Sending MIME Messages Enriched Text
7.8.2 Selective Replies with -nocc and -cc
7.8.3 Changing the Message Header with replcomps
7.8.4 Reading Original Message with an Editor
7.8.5 Including the Original Message with -filter
7.8.6 Displaying the Original Message
7.8.7 Annotating the Original Message
7.8.8 Replying to Messages with MIME
7.9 Forwarding Messages with forw
7.10 Distributing Messages with dist
8.1.4 Moving and Linking Messages: refile
8.1.5 Subfolders
8.1.8 List of All Folders: The folders Command
8.1.11 Renumbering Messages in a Folder
8.2 Finding Messages with pick
8.3.5 The unseen Sequence
8.5 Sorting Messages: sortm
8.6 Removing and Recovering Messages
8.6.4 Improve rmm: use rmmer
8.9 Using Links
8.10 Bursting Messages
9.1 Running an MH Command
9.3 An MH Profile, in General
9.4.1 Profiles that mhn Reads
9.4.2 Making an MHN Profile
9.4.3 What Profile Entries Are There?
9.4.6 Composing Content: mhn-compose-
9.6 Changing MH Directory Name
9.7 Setting Access Permissions for Other Accounts
9.8 Defining Alternate Mailboxes
9.10 Draft Message Template Files
11.1.4 forw Filter Files
11.2 MH Format Strings
12. Processing New Mail Automatically
16.8.4 A Better xmh Printer: xmhprint
20. Introducing exmh
21. Using exmh
22. Customizing exmh
B.3 The History of exmh
D.1 Obtaining Example Files From This Book
D.11 Explanation of autoinc
D.22 Explanation of rmmer
D.26 Explanation of xmhprint
E.4 exmh Reference Guide
E.5 MIME Reference Guide

[Table of Contents] [Index]

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