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Amazingly, not a lot has been written about MH. This book is the first work of this depth that I know of. Here are some ways to find out more about MH.

Documents Distributed with MH

The MH distribution has a directory called papers with tutorials, detailed descriptions of applications, and related programs. MH also comes with an Administrator's Guide, a good place to learn about installing MH and to discover some of its inner workings.

The MH Source Code

MH is written in the C programming language. One way to find out what it does is in classic UNIX hackers' style: read the code. Most of the code is clean and modular.

World Wide Web Pages

Here are some World Wide Web pages for the software.

Usenet Newsgroup

If you read the Usenet "netnews," the newsgroup is a good place to read about MH -- and post questions, if you have them.

As of this printing, old mh-users articles since 1986 or so were archived on They're available from the mh/mh-users directory. If you can't use the link above, see the Sections of this book on FTP and ftpmail.

Mailing Lists

If you can't read on Usenet, you can subscribe to the mh-users mailing list. It carries the same articles as the newsgroup. To subscribe, send a mail message to To post messages to the list itself, send your message to; the message will also be posted to the newsgroup automatically.

The old mh-workers mailing list has been disabled.

There are three mailing lists about nmh:

To subscribe, send a message to with the subject "subscribe". For example, to subscribe to nmh-workers:
From: nmh-fan@some.domain
Subject: subscribe
You should receive a message shortly thereafter letting you know you're subscribed. Post messages to the list by mailing to (or if you're reporting a bug).

There are three mailing lists for exmh:

To subscribe to a list, send a message to exmh-list-request with a "subscribe" command in the Subject field. For example, to subscribe to exmh-announce:
Subject: subscribe

What's in the body doesn't matter.
To join a mailing list about mh-e, send a "subscribe" message to To post messages to the list itself, send your message to


The FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions document that is posted to every month is an excellent source of information. There you can read about often encountered problems and their solutions, as well as interesting tricks. A partial list of what's covered includes: You can read the FAQ in the newsgroup, or see the Section FAQ to see how you can get the FAQ by ftp or by mail.

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