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[First, a brief request for your help on future updates. This book is a volunteer project, and my time is very limited now that I have a full-time job again. Want to help make this book better? See Jerry's To-Do List. Thanks!]

9 October 1999
Because of the Unisys patent on the LZW algorithm used in many GIF files, I've replaced all the original GIF files. Some are now JPEGs; others are non-LZW GIFs made with the Tcl Img extension. I also made some other formatting changes. Here are details.
13 April 1999
I've updated the book for nmh-1.0 and made other small revisions.
28 January 1999
The Australian mirror site at ftp.atrax.com.au is offline temporarily. I've removed it from the list of servers.
28 January 1999
The maintenance of the mh-e sections has been taken over by Bill Wohler. This update saw no user-visible changes, but a lot of behind the scenes machinery was set up in order to ensure easy updates in the future.
This work was stimulated by Peter Galbraith who created a Debian GNU/Linux package of this book.
16 October 1998
Erwin J. van Eijk had to discontinue his mirror server in the Netherlands. There's still a European server in Finland; see the list of servers for the latest info.
6 June 1998
Updated Brent Welch's email address and URL of the exmh home page.
6 May 1998
There's a PostScript version of the book available for downloading at ftp://ftp.gw.com/pub/people/jpeek/mh/book-ps/. It's not kept up to date as often as the Web pages, but it is up to date to the current edition, 28 September 1997.
26 November 1997
The new Australian mirror site is online now. (see the list of servers). The link on the server list is to the home page (index.htm), but if you omit that part of the URL, you'll get a top-level listing of the book files.
28 September 1997
This is the second major update to the online edition. I changed the title (again) to MH & nmh: Email for Users & Programmers because this edition covers nmh as well as MH. Here's a list of changes, including links to (or close to) the places that changed.
6 June 1997
There have been few problems, so I've updated the online archive files for the book.
30 May 1997
It was a long time coming, but the first major update to the online edition is ready. We changed the title from MH & xmh: Email for Users & Programmers to just MH: Email for Users & Programmers because the book also covers exmh and mh-e. Here's a list of changes, including links to (or close to) the places that changed.
26 October 1996
The fourth mirror site, at FUNET in Finland, is on line now (see the list of servers).
The book is also available by FTP from FUNET. The link on the server list is to the home page (index.htm), but if you omit that part of the URL, you'll get a top-level listing of the book files.
23 October 1996
The third mirror site, in the Netherlands (Europe), is on line now (see the list of servers). Kudos to Erwin J. van Eijk (who, like other mirror admins, is a volunteer).
5 October 1996
There's a second mirror site now, in the eastern US (see the list of servers). Thanks to Kimmo Suominen.
11 August 1996
After a lot of tweaking, I think I've got the bugs out of this new updated edition. So I made the downloadable versions of the book for people who are behind firewalls, on very slow links, etc. You can get it from ftp://ftp.ics.uci.edu/pub/mh/book/download/. Start by reading the README file.
18 July 1996
Added list of servers. The first Australian mirror site is completely up and running (thanks to Jason Ornstein!).
15 July 1996
Put a reorganized copy of the book on the Web and FTP servers at the University of California, Irvine. The book's four parts have been split into four separate subdirectories (plus a directory for overall information); each subdirectory will be maintained by the peron who wrote that material.
The original print version is still available in HTML format in the download/original.tar.gz file, http://www.oreilly.com/freebooks/mh/, and ftp://ftp.oreilly.com/pub/freebooks/mh/.
25 April 1996
Added tweaks to CGI indexing program. Now users with off-line copies of the book (on their local hard disks) can run index search on Web server, then click on the index links returned and get their local pages. Here's how it works. If a URL has extra path info on the end, like this:
The CGI index search will return links that point to the user's local filesystem, like this:
1 April 1996
Test online version stable (but still needs lots of tweaking)

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