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This is the home page for the xmh section of the online book MH & nmh: Email for Users & Programmers.

xmh is an interface to MH that runs under the X Window System. It comes as part of the standard X distribution from the X Consortium. There haven't been many changes to xmh since X Release 4 came out years ago. It's a fairly simple interface; there aren't an incredible number of features. If you want a feature-rich interface, try exmh instead. But xmh is fast--and, if you know how to customize X (through resource files, etc.) you can customize xmh in the same way. (exmh is written with Tcl/Tk, so it works differently and can be slower than xmh on some systems.)

Here's a graphic of a sample xmh session. To learn about xmh, click on the overall table of contents.

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