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public static final enum


extends Enum<E extends Enum<E>>
   ↳ java.lang.Enum<E extends java.lang.Enum<E>>

Class Overview

Enum for the ways a path may be filled


Enum Values
Path.FillType  EVEN_ODD   
Path.FillType  INVERSE_EVEN_ODD   
Path.FillType  WINDING   
Public Methods
static Path.FillType valueOf(String name)
final static FillType[] values()
Inherited Methods
From class java.lang.Enum
From class java.lang.Object
From interface java.lang.Comparable

Enum Values

public static final Path.FillType EVEN_ODD

public static final Path.FillType INVERSE_EVEN_ODD

public static final Path.FillType INVERSE_WINDING

public static final Path.FillType WINDING

Public Methods

public static Path.FillType valueOf (String name)

Added in API level 1

public static final FillType[] values ()

Added in API level 1