SIPB Debian


Testing SIPB Debian

SIPB Debian has not yet been released but there are test images available. These images have known bugs.

If you are interested in trying out the testing images of SIPB Debian, you should add yourself to our development mailing list so you can see problems others report along with any solutions that are discovered. To do this, type blanche sipb-debian -a username . You may also want to subscribe to the CVS commit list which gets mail as changes are checked into the installer and support packages. To do this, type blanche sipb-debian-cvs -a username.

Once you have added yourself to the mailing list, you should grab an ISO image out of /afs/ and burn it to a CD. The cdrecord locker contains instructions on burning CD images on Athena. ("add cdrecord", then "more /mit/cdrecord/README".) Then boot the CD in your computer and follow the instructions.

Known Bugs

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