MIT Multics - First and Last Paying Login

MIT Multics was a Honeywell 6180 Multics system. The first paying customer login was the SIPB_Admin.SIPBADMIN account on 1973-07-09; this account was also logged in on 1988-01-02, and remained logged in until the shutdown later that morning.

SIPB has an relatively strong sense of history, which led to the preservation of the original hardcopy of the first login session; when the final shutdown was planned, arrangements were made to use the same piece of paper for the final session as well. This "computational relic" is scanned here for broader reference.

Signin Sheet

The signin sheet documents the event, and includes signatures of those attending the "final logout party." Another copy of the scan, offset a little shows the Multics banner a little more clearly.

Initial Login

The first paying login begins with the unforgettable reassurance You are protected from preemption. The login itself includes a user listing, a process listing and brief historical note.

Final Login

The final login party begins with a login, a list of current users, and a project usage report that spans several pages. A directory listing for the account, and the final shutdown itself are recorded, with a listing showing SIPBADMIN.SIPB_admin as the last paying account as well.