not a window manager

nawm is not a window manager. It is a program you can run with (or without) another windowmanager to augment its capabilities.

A nawm configuration file contains a list of X11 events, such as mouse clicks and key presses, and instructions on what to do when they occur. nawm can move and resize windows, move the mouse pointer, send mouse clicks or keystrokes to other applications, and bunches of other things. The nawm configuration language is somewhat, but not entirely, unlike awk.

nawm does not decorate windows. nawm does not place windows. nawm does not create menus. nawm does not provide you with a control panel with a three-dimensional look and feel which you can use to launch applications, monitor your notebook battery, and keep track of stock prices. However, if your window manager does do these things, nawm will do its best to stay out of its way while it does its own thing.


nawm does not change the appearance of anything on your screen. Thus, there are no screenshots.


nawm has a man page.

Sample configurations

There are some sample configuration files.


nawm 2.1 sources

No, I don't have RPMs. Build it yourself. It's good for you.