SIPB RSS-to-Zephyr Service

You love Zephyr, and you also like staying on top of things using RSS feeds. Why not combine the two, for the best of both worlds? Enter the SIPB RSS-Zephyr Service, a service that sends Zephyrs to a given Zephyr class and instance when new items become available in an RSS feed.


asedeno is taking over management of rssZephyr. It's moving to its own locker, /mit/rss-zephyr, and starting over on feeds.

Now uses write-ahead-logging, a SQL backend, support for eTags, handles errors better, and sets a reasonable user agent. Maybe there will be a web interface someday.

I hope to write a much better version of something like this over the summer. Until then, the current code gets the job done reasonably well.

How To Use

To add an RSS feed, edit /afs/ and add your RSS feed and information there. In the file, you need to specify the URL of the RSS feed, how frequently to poll the URL for changes, and where (i.e. Zephyr class and instance) you want the feed sent when updates occur.

Here is a sample entry that you might add to the file, if you wanted to poll Slashdot every hour, and send a Zephyr to class wdaher-test, instance rss every time something new happens:,wdaher-test,rss,60


Q: Your zephyr bot is sending hundreds of zephyrs every five minutes to a zephyr class, and I think it's probably broken. How can I disable it until it is fixed?
A: Yeah, sometimes things go wrong like that. If this ends up being the case, open up the feeds file (/afs/ In the file, there should be a line that says # STOP. Remove the hash mark (#) from before the word STOP, and the Zephyr bot will stop sending zephyrs. If you do this, though, please email me so that I can fix the problem; stopping the Zephyr bot stops it for everyone.

Q: How can I contact you?
A: email to or a Zephyr to asedeno are probably the best ways to reach me.

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