The SIPB Thunderbird Locker


Mozilla Thunderbird is a fast, standard compliant, and open source (GPL) email and news reader. For more information, go to the Thunderbird Website.

Running Thunderbird on Athena

To run Mozilla Thunderbird on Athena, you will first need to attach the thunderbird locker. This can be done by executing the following command:
athena% add thunderbird

This will attach the thunderbird locker to /mit/thunderbird. To launch Mozilla Thunderbird, type:
athena% thunderbird &

Command Line Options

For a full listing of Thunderbird's command line options, type the command:
athena% thunderbird --help

Additional options are availible on Athena:

Lists the versions of Mozilla Thunderbird that are availible for your particular hardware platform.
--runver <version>
Runs the specified version of Mozilla Thunderbird


The maintainers of this locker can be reached at

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