System Requirements

Server Requirements

Server Host Hardware

VMware GSX Server supports up to four-way multiprocessor servers. VMware recommends you run no more than four virtual machines concurrently per processor, though you may run a maximum of 24 virtual machines concurrently on a single host.


You need enough memory to run the Windows or Linux host operating system plus memory required for each guest operating system and applications on the guest and host.


Disk Space

Local Area Networking

Software - Linux Host Operating System

Supported distributions and kernels are listed below. VMware GSX Server may not run on systems that do not meet these requirements.

Note: As newer Linux kernels and distributions are released, VMware modifies and tests its products for stability and reliability on those host platforms. We make every effort to add support for new kernels and distributions in a timely manner, but until a kernel or distribution is added to the list below, its use with our product is not supported. Look for newer prebuilt modules in the Download area of our Web site.

VMware GSX Server may run on other Linux distributions; attempting to do so is recommended for expert Linux users only.

Other Linux host operating system requirements:

VmPerl and VmCOM Scripting APIs

Perl is now installed with VMware GSX Server and the VMware Management Interface. The VmCOM API works on Windows .NET Server, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows NT hosts only. For more information, visit the VMware Web site at

Remote Workstation Requirements

The remote workstation is a Windows NT 4.0 (Workstation or Server), Windows 2000 (Professional, Server, Advanced Server), Windows XP, Windows .NET Server or Linux system from which you launch a remote console to remotely manage a single virtual machine on the VMware GSX Server host. You access the VMware Management Interface to manage multiple virtual machines on the host using a Web browser.

Hardware Requirements

Software - Windows Remote Workstation

Software - Linux Remote Workstation

Compatible with standard Linux distributions with glibc version 2 or higher and one of the following:

Supported Guest Operating Systems

The operating systems listed here have been tested in VMware GSX Server virtual machines and are officially supported.

Other operating systems designed for Intel-based PCs may work, as well.

Microsoft Windows

MS-DOS (MS-DOS version 6 is supported.)

Linux. The following types of Linux operating systems are supported:

FreeBSD. The following versions of FreeBSD are supported:

For the most current list of supported and unsupported operating systems, see

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