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Getting into MATLAB

As you use MATLAB you will create data files, function files, and script files. While you can arrange for these files to be found by MATLAB no matter where you put them (see gif Paths), it is simplest to use the default behavior by putting all these files in a directory called matlab in your home directory. To create this directory, do (only once ever):

athena% mkdir tex2html_wrap_inline2377 /matlab

MATLAB will then use this directory for files unless you tell it not to. (See gif M-files.) If you created this directory after starting a MATLAB session, you will need to do addpath(' tex2html_wrap_inline2377 /matlab') in MATLAB that session to tell it the directory exists; future sessions will notice it upon startup.

To get a session of MATLAB, do

athena% add matlab

athena% matlab &

(if you have already done add matlab in that login session, you need not repeat it).

MATLAB may also be started from the Dash bar; it is in the ``Numerical/Math'' menu, under the ``Analysis and Plotting'' submenu.

When you start MATLAB, it creates a new xterm, with the MATLAB header and MATLAB .2ex>> prompt. As you create graphics in MATLAB, it will pop up additional windows for them.

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