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SIMULINK is a special interactive toolbox for simulating dynamic systems in block diagrams with a graphical (mouse-driven) interface. It can handle nonlinear systems of many variables and rates, in discrete or continuous time. The results can be further analyzed in the MATLAB workspace.

SIMULINK is available on DECstations, IBM RS/6000s, and Suns. It cannot be accessed from within a regular MATLAB session, but must be started by itself.

athena% add matlab
athena% simulink &

This will generate a MATLAB window named SIMULINK. All MATLAB functionality is present as are SIMULINK functions, for which full help information should be available. Use simdemo for demonstrations.

Copies of the SIMULINK User's Guide are available for reference in the Athena Consulting Office (11-115), and in Barker and Hayden Libraries.

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