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MATLAB has several internal help features. To get a listing of help topics, do

.1ex>> help To get more help on a specific topic,

.1ex>> help topic In particular, help general will give you a table of contents listing many of the available functions by category. Topics also include every individual function, so you can do

.1ex>> help function You may also search for functions whose descriptions contain a keyword. To use this, do

.1ex>> lookfor keyword The MATLAB on Athena Homepage, which you can get to with add matlab and then the URL file://localhost/mit/matlab/www/home.html, and has pointers to lots of information about MATLAB. Type doc at the MATLAB prompt to start up a web browser on this page.

The Athena public cluster documentation racks have the MATLAB User's Guide, the MATLAB Reference Guide, and the MATLAB External Interface Guide. Complete documentation on MATLAB, including the MATLAB New Features Guide, MATLAB Release Notes, and the SIMULINK User's Guide, are available for reference in the Athena Consulting Office (11-115) and in Barker and Hayden Libraries.

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