Matthew and Jake's Adventures

This is surfing. This is Matthew and Jake surfing. It involves water and a surfboard. No computers are involved in surfing.

Announcements and What's New

Reverse Links to people who point to the adventures are now available.

5/96: New Adventure! The Matthew and Jake Foundation (a non-profit spinoff of Matthew&JakeCo) is happy to announce, in honor of the two year anniversary of the first adventure, a new adventure. This adventure the long lost "Moxy Fruvous Adventure" was recently declassified and is now available to all on the Internet. Read it now!

Matthew and Jake answer reader mail. Matthew and Jake will share some of their best mail and their responses. In the mean time, here's some Quick answers.

Matthew and Jake are MIT students. They have adventures. They like the web, so they put the adventures there. ("You put what on the web?", "Yes, we do have enough to do.") They are now here for your enjoyment. So, that means you should enjoy them. Enjoy. (the adventures, that is)

The Adventures

Matthew and Jake Fly a Kite (5/13/94)
It was a pretty kite. Really.
Matthew and Jake go to the LSC Party (5/20/94)
It was less exciting than it sounds, but that's ok.
Matthew and Jake put a CP Car on the Dome (6/3/94)
Really, it was us. Really.
Matthew and Jake go to IHOP (6/17/94)
At 4am. It's open 24 hours.
Matthew and Jake go to Walden (7/18/94)
It's a pond.
Matthew and Jake go to see Moxy (11/19/94, unearthed from the archives 5/10/96)
Moxy Fruvous is a really cool band. Really really.

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Matthew and Jake's FAQ

What does FAQ stand for?
Fun Answers for Questions
Are Matthew and Jake real people?
No, they are college students at MIT. You should tell them what you think about their adventures. You can also mail them at
Are the adventures real?
Yes. Really. Unless they say they aren't true.
How do I get back to this page?
You can get here by clicking on the way cool Matthew and Jake logo:
The Logo
How often do Matthew and Jake's Adventures come out?
Matthew and Jake write their adventures occasionally. Look for about one new one every two weeks.
What about Jake's hat?
Jake wears the hat all the time. Really. No kidding. The colors aren't exactly the same. But close. One time, Jake took off his hat, gave it to Marc, Marc put it on, and Marc hugged Jake. Really.
What about Matthew's hair?
Matthew's hair used to be purple. Well, no, it used to be plum. Really. Twice. For a few months. Matthew was going to make his hair purple again, but real people look at you funny if you have funny colored hair. Matthew has to work with real people so his hair is normal colored now. If Jake drew the real color of Matthew's hair, it would look like a bird had dumped on his head. That's why it's purple. Really.
Is Matthew a Replicant?
Well, we performed a few tests to provoke emotional responses at the SIPB office a short while ago, and although we found a few replicants, Matthew was not one of them. He does dream about unicorns every so often though.
In the announcements, did you mean to mispell it "mjadventues.html"?
Is Matthew a bonehead?
Yes. But he's still not a replicant.
Do Matthew and Jake reply to questions from fans?