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Clue Topics

These are the topics we have down so far. If there's a topic you'd like to see covered or like to cover, please let us know (, and we'll add you in.

We don't have any times scheduled right now, and these are in No Particular Order, but we're considering having them after meetings on Monday nights. Again, send me your comments, or mention them to other Weenies.

Info and Blurb

ClueDump 1 - March 15, 1994

How to Build Random Software

NOTE: The link is at this time incomplete.

Run by: mkgray, yandros, ghudson

In this session we will talk about finding and building `interesting' programs on the net. We may touch on some issues involved in installing and maintaining programs as it's normally done in the sipb and outland lockers.

Reading Discuss

Run by: mkgray, rjbarbal

This session will talk about various ways to read discuss: how, where, when, and why.

Basics of how AFS works

Run by: jweiss, yandros, mhbraun

How do the AFS servers work?

What is a PTS database? A VLDB? A primary? A `sellsurfdeebee'? A bos/vos/pts/ka server?

Do I care? Why?

We will endeavor to answer these questions and more, since we're bound to generate more. :-)

How Zephyr works

Run by: mkgray

this session sounds like something related to how the protocol works for athena and how you can make it work for you, rather than a `how to hack zephyr clients to do Truly Grotesque Things' session, but I could be wrong (and Richard and Abbe could be doing one of those as a seperate thing anyway. :-)

How Kerberos Works

Run by: eichin, marc(?)

How Kerberos works; what's in the server, what the different clients do and how, some of the math involved, etc.

This is not the kerberos usage class run by that weird short-haired guy.

Using Kerberos to Make Life More Secure

or, how to Never Ever Type Your Password Over the Net

Run by: yandros

This session will cover how you can use kerberos to do things remotely (login, transfer data) while never sending your password over the net in the clear.

Running a WWW server

Run by: mkgray, yandros, bert, sorokin

How to set up and run your very own pet WWW server (please don't call it `George', though. That's so cliché).

Maintaining News

Run by: ghudson, marthag, mhpower

Care and feeding of one of the largest timesinks on campus.

How the net works

Run by: mkgray(?), ghudson(?), mhpower(?), yandros

How all these computers are connected together and why it's useful to you and to us.

History/Lore of SIPB

Run by: srz(?), eichin(?), cent?, fuzzy?



Student access to computers.

Science Fiction.


UA funding.

Building 39.

Building 11.


give meaning to these words and learn why we still have a working (?) microfiche reader in the office.

For more info, see the History section of the SIPB Office Manual

Writing HTML

Run by: mkgray, yandros

This session will talk about how everyone can (and should) learn to write HTML code, for the betterment of all mankind.

Intro to Using RCS

Run by: yandros

This session will cover the basics of RCS, the Revision Control System. In about 30 minutes you can learn more than enough RCS to get you through the rest of your life..

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