SIPB IPv6 current status


Our site name in the 6bone registry is MIT-SIPB.

Hardware and software

Our main router,, is a Sun SPARCstation 5 running a recent vintage of NetBSD-current, which has integrated a version of the KAME IPv6 stack. We're using the Zebra BGP4+ implementation to announce our network blocks to our external connections, and are using static routes internally for now.

Outside connections

Our connection is via several IPv6-over-IPv4 tunnels from to several different 6bone backbone sites:

We are currently using an address block allocated from MERIT: 3ffe:1ce1::/32. We may renumber at any time; this is the way of IPv6.

We also provide tunnels to other folks, mostly in the general New England area. If you're interested in a tunnel, send mail to <>

MIT campus IPv6

One of the goals of the project is to let folks on the MIT campus develop some experience with IPv6 protocols. To do this, there's a plan allowing IPv6 addresses to be assigned to machines at MIT which want them.

Active subnets

We provide native IPv6 service on two subnets in W20: SIPB-ETHER (18.181/16) and W20-ETHER (18.187/16) through two ethernet interfaces on limekiller; both statically configured addresses and stateless address autoconfiguration are enabled.

There's also service on W92 (18.18/16), tunnelled via, and service to the AI lab, tunneled via

If you have a machine on one of those subnets, depending on the operating system, you may be able to easily turn on ipv6 support and start experimenting with it.

If you want IPv6 service enabled on subnets other than the ones listed here, and have a machine capable of serving as a tunnel endpoint for the subnet, send mail to <>.

IPv6 addresses on MITNET subnets are assigned based on a fairly simple addressing plan .