SIPB grumpy fuzzball MIT Student Information Processing Board
The Student Information Processing Board (SIPB, pronounced sip-bee) is MIT's volunteer student group dedicated to computing. SIPB has, in one form or another, been working on improving computing at MIT since 1969. Today, SIPB contributes to MIT computing by sponsoring interesting projects that provide additional services or expertise to the MIT community. We have an office just outside the Athena cluster in the MIT Student Center, and you are welcome to come to the office to ask us for help or to hang around and use our computers.

SIPB Projects and Services
Run CGI scripts out of your Athena locker

Packages to make your Debian or Ubuntu machine Athena-like

Use our public Linux dialup service

A computer advice column published in The Tech

SIPB Computer Stories
Computer stories in September

SIPB Computer Tours
Take a free behind-the-scenes tour in September

Walk-in services
Need a stapler? late-night computer help? come by our office.

WWW services
Comment and counter scripts and other useful tidbits

Play music from a music library over MIT cable TV

Talks on computing topics from SIPB experts

IAP classes
Take free classes during January

Useful Athena programs provided by SIPB

The Inessential documentation series

Our vast collection of knowledge on paper

Deleted that free-food email? Not a problem.

Look up weather or zephyr a friend from your wireless phone (or more)


Places to Learn More About SIPB

Information for prospective members

SIPB members and officers
SIPB members and homepages

SIPB Services and Project Ideas
Don't know what to do? Here are some ideas.


Useful Information for SIPB Projects

SIPB AFS-Moira Synchronizer
Updating sipb cell AFS groups made easy.