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The XML C parser and toolkit of Gnome

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There are several on-line resources related to using libxml:

  1. Use the search engine to look up information.
  2. Check the FAQ.
  3. Check the extensive documentation automatically extracted from code comments.
  4. Look at the documentation about libxml internationalization support.
  5. This page provides a global overview and some examples on how to use libxml.
  6. Code examples
  7. John Fleck's libxml2 tutorial: html or pdf.
  8. If you need to parse large files, check the xmlReader API tutorial
  9. James Henstridge wrote some nice documentation explaining how to use the libxml SAX interface.
  10. George Lebl wrote an article for IBM developerWorks about using libxml.
  11. Check the TODO file.
  12. Read the 1.x to 2.x upgrade path description. If you are starting a new project using libxml you should really use the 2.x version.
  13. And don't forget to look at the mailing-list archive.

Daniel Veillard