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SIPB IAP 2004 Activities

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All Java, C, and C++ Classes
802.11 Wireless hacking
Advanced Scheme
Dynamic Websites: BRL
Introduction to Gentoo Linux
Introduction to Python
Mozilla Tips and Tricks
Perl Programming
Programming in Postscipt
Software developement on UNIX
Common Security Exploits
Python for Perl Hackers

This week :: January 20-23

Each year, SIPB offers a variety of courses over IAP, free of charge to the MIT community. We have courses ranging from C and Java to security and software engineering.

SIPB 2004 Class List and Descriptions

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As always, if you are interested in teaching, have an idea for future courses, or simply want to know more about SIPB IAP courses, feel free to contact or stop by our office in W20-557.

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