The Internet Shouldn't Work

Come learn about what actually goes on in our favorite series of tubes! We'll discuss the internet's structure, routing, and protocols, with demos and hands-on experiments. No prerequisites presumed!

After this you'll know why you get spam with only garbage characters and nothing to sell, how Comcast can tell that you're pirating all of Season 2 of Arrested Development off Bittorrent, why all this trust lets you read your friends' AIM conversations or hijack YouTube, and more.

Bring a laptop so you can play with some of the utilities we'll be using.

When and Where: Wed. Jan 28, 5:00-7:00pm, 4-237
Prerequisites: None
Contact: Jessica McKellar, Jessica Hamrick,

Class Material:
internet.pdf: the slides
forging e-mail
HTTP GET requests

Firebug, a Firefox add-on that lets you examine the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and network traffic for the sites you view
Wireshark, a network traffic analyzer

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