Welcome to the Student Information Processing Board () World Wide Web server. In order to follow hypertext links, click (in Xmosaic or tkWWW) on the link you want to follow, or enter the number (in w3.el or www) of the link you want to follow. This is a sample link.

The server we are currently running is Plexus 3.0j written in Perl.

Feel free to explore and send comments to Or, just click here to send shorter comments through WWW.

You can also visit the XMosaic Home Page and the Mosaic Demo Document for other links to the Web.

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This server provides access to the Athena and SIPB AFS cells. Through this you can get at a number of MIT students' home pages with a variety of information and links to the rest of the web. Eventually we will have local techinfo access.

A couple of MIT-specific gateways are provided. You can locate Athena users by using zlocate program to find them in the Zephyr locations database. Cview is a program which gives an overview of workstation availability on campus.

Services and Gateways

Matthew Gray has written a number of gatways including one to Discuss, a networked electronic 'bulletin board' system developed at MIT, the Geographic Nameserver, a really cool Weather system as well as a few others in progress or too incidental to take credit for. The discuss gateway is still a little bit buggy, but should work fairly reasonably. Send bug reports to or Here is the tarfile for Discuss1.6. The weather server is still in the process of being updated and improved, but works well, and is a very nice usage of Xmosaic 1.1's ISMAP feature.

bert Dvornik has written a program to parse the server logs. He's currently working on a Techinfo gateway.

Mark Eichin wrote a gateway to an Amateur Radio Callsigns database.

Calvin Clark has written an interface to the MIT Science Fiction Society library index.

Other MIT Stuff on WWW

You can get at the MIT Gopher, MIT Techinfo and The Tech. You can also get at the tkWWW home page (tkWWW is another WWW client). Also, there are info pages about various MIT people.


Maintainers of this server and the WWW clients at MIT are

Matthew Gray, Chad Brown and bert Dvornik