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Welcome to My Home Page.

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This page has been accessed more than 3,000 times since 1992,

and was last updated on March 30, 1999.

The pictures are from Mykonos (above) and Sweden (below).

More photos may be found camera.gif here!

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  • crest.jpg Synthetic Environment Engineering

  • alexcoin.gif Tony's High Finance Page Featuring Links of Financial Significance

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  • hermes3.gif Tony's Classic Page Featuring Links of Historic Consequence

  • homer2.gif new3.gif Tony's Fun Stuff Page Featuring All that is fun...

  • alta5.gif Digital's Alta Vista WWW Search Engine (very helpful & fast).

  • zep2.gif Natascha's Purple Music Page. A fine collection.

  • princet2.gif The Princeton Page of Cool Links.

  • comtmeet.gif The Boston Common (Look for Anthony & Alan under "Meet the Neighbors"...)

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