Arnie Sheinfeld's Home Page

Arnie Sheinfeld Page

Hi! Now that you found my Home Page, have fun reading it!

As a bonus for reading my home page, you can view pictures of my summer vacation to Cape Cod!

If you are not totally bored by now, you can check out pictures of my Bar Mitzvah!

Here's some information about me:

I was born and raised in Boston, and currently live in Brighton.
I've worked in the Serials Cataloging Section of the MIT Libraries for over 25 years, and haven't aged a bit! On occasion, we do go to a party or two. Just don't ask anyone to put mustard on your wiener!

When I'm not at my desk I enjoy:

Checking out restaurants, especially those with great desserts.
Diners, which can be great places to eat, especially when there's Motown musicin the background!
Shopping for magnets and sweaters.
Talking on the telephone.
Annoying people.
Having a Bloody Mary with Tequila.


Some Other Stuff