New! (2001-08-25) Here are some highlights from our wedding and honeymoon; also, check out the magic of the bride!

Here are some photos of us, and also some wedding shower photos.

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[Us outdoors]

This is a picture of us last fall in Kansas City, where Aaron's family used to live (they now live in Washington, DC).

[Us at dinner]

In this picture, we are at Yevgeniya's house, eating dinner with her parents and celebrating after having just announced our engagement.

[Yevgeniya with Aaron's family cat]

Yevgeniya in Aaron's old home, bonding with Lola, Aaron's extremely furry cat.

[people together at Yevgeniya's bridal shower]

People gathered on a couch at Yevgeniya's parents' house for the bridal shower.

[people at the table at Yevgeniya's bridal shower]

Guests eating and playing with their food at the shower.

[Yevgeniya smiling at her new dagger, one of the presents]

Yevgeniya enjoying one of the more creative presents...

Watch for more pictures in the future. If you have any cute pictures of us that you think belong here, feel free to scan them in and send us a copy of the file, or just send us the pictures.

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