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Albany Records (Troy1114)
contains Duo for Piano, Four Hands; Emily Dickinson Songs; Variations; Doubles

Lontano Records (LNT125)
contains Tableaux I, Tableaux II, Concerto for Harpsichord and String Quartet, Sing Song Merry Diggle

estrella, str quartet 2
New World Records (80594)
performed by
Cantata Singers,
Lydian String Quartet
contains Estrella, Trio
String Quartet No.2

Child's Play
Neuma Records (450-98)
contains Tableaux II, String Quartet and Trio

Shatin and Child
CRI (CD 605)
contains Clare Cycle, Wind Quintet, Sonatina for Oboe

The Jaguar and the Moon
Centaur (CRC 2361)
The Jaguar and the Moon

Waking Winds
Innova (621)
performed by MIT Wind Ensemble
contains Concertino

The Contemporary Harpsichord
Albany Records (Troy668)
contains Fantasia

Bronze Music
Albany Records (Troy913)
performed by NEC Jordan Winds
contains Fanfare

electro acoustic music ii
Neuma Records (450-75)
contains Ensemblance

Neuma Records (450-93)
contains Duo for Flute and Percussion

computer art festival
Rivoalto (CRR9617)
performed by Interensemble (1986-96)
contains Ensemblance